Our business is driven by high competence. Critical partnerships are in a key role in achieving this. 

In modern business change is fast and in order to maintain competitive, Karhula Foundry has made its strategy to ensure certain critical elements of our business through the cooperation with partners. These partnerships are utilized mainly in sales, techology and professional services. 

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Sales partnerships


Timexcon Oy
Wilhelm Augustin
Küperstr. 7
47798 Krefeld
Phone: +49 157 88 233 707
Email: augustin-siebe@t-online.de



Mikhail Chmelev
Panssarikatu 1 A 7, 53850 Lappeenranta
Phone: +358 50 5401092
Email: buran@kump.net

Finland, Sweden and Central Europe

Timexcon Oy
Timo Kronqvist
Seppäsentie 8
FI-90450 Kempele
Phone: +358 44 5970609
Email: timo.kronqvist@timexcon.com


Technology Partners


Meehanite® metal is a family of different types of superior engineered cast irons, including nodular iron, flake graphite and white cast irons. The key to the undisputed success of Meehanite® metals is the rigid application of its patented manufacturing process.
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Souru Oy

Souru Oy is Finland's first welding engineering office, specialized in offering expert services mainly to welding companies in the SME-sector. Sourus's expertise is comrehensive develpoment in welding , welding quality control, welding automation and robotics. 
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