New recruitments at Karhula Foundry to strengthen growth

Sulzer’s pump factory’s foundry was transferred to Karhula Foundry in fall of 2016. Due to Karhula Foundry’s growth and new operations a need to create new responsibilities. We have in fact rehired engineer Heli Väänänen to take responsibility of quality-, environmental- and safety systems as well as to act as the occupational safety and health manager. Technician Kosti Hanski has been invited to support our model maintenance. Heli and Kosti have an extensive concrete background in these areas at Karhula Foundry.

Welding has an important role in finishing steel castings. In order to ensure our technical and coordinational competence in welding, we have attached Petteri Souru Oy to act as our welding coordinator. Souru’s company is the first Finnish engineer agency specialized in welding.

Karhulan Foundry continues to grow and we have opened new job announcements to various positions. We are looking for 10 - 20 new employees during the fall for different production jobs. Work motivation, enthusiasm , ability to learn and suitable diversified experience are the most important hiring criteria.

We are searching for a production engineer to take responsibility for production lead times and developing production efficiency and to function as a supervisor in production. We are also in a need for a quality engineer with a metallurgical education and experience in quality management procedures.

A positive vibe in the market and customer interest in Karhula Foundry’s offer make it possible to hire new people. We are very exited about these possibilities, because interest in the market seems to be increasing.