Article of Karhula Foundry in Suomen Valimotekninen Yhdistys (SVY)

SVY has written an extensive article about Karhula Foundry’s histry and development. Please find the whole article in the link below.

Karhula Foundry has been a fore runner in technology also in the past. Demanding castings have always been produced at Karhula Foundry such as pulp and paper machine parts, water turbine hulls and wings, ship rudders, train track parts, large gear rims and naturally pump parts. One of the most demanding parts have been water circulation system parts for nuclear power plants, which have been delivered since 1966. Today Karhula Foundry wants to actively offer its customers in material technical development. When even better corrosion resistance to concentrated acids, better fire resistance in increased temperatures or just simply absolutely sealed castings, we are the right partner, says Pekka Kemppainen. The SuperCast -process developed and licenced by Meehanite, which will be installed to Karhula Foundry this year, will play its own part.