Karhula Foundry’s production continues on a growth path


Karhula Foundry’s operation continue to develop and as demonstration of this production capacity has grown significantly during the spring of 2017. When production volumes during Q3-Q4 2017 were approximately 400.000 - 500.000 €  per month, it has now doubled to over 800 000 € monthly level. A big contributor to this above all else has been the return of Sulzer’s castings from foundries where the castings were originally planned. Also a major factor to this growth is increase in our own production. New orders have covered a wide array of casting types and materials such as specialized steel castings. In Finland new customers have been attained from the transportation product-, energy- and process industry. We have also been able to open business in Russia.  

We have succeeded to grow our delivery volumes by enhancing productivity and also by rehiring 20 people to the foundry. These people are old employees of the foundry. This is an especially great feeling to be able to offer these people the possibility to return home to Karhula Foundry. At the same time we have initiated cooperation with subcontractors on specific functions. The rest of the year’s outlook is very promising concerning Sulzer and other new customers.  

Karhula Foundry is a Finnish special foundry producing demanding castings to its customers in international markets. Our strengths include steel castings, Meehanite-technology, different metal castings and various specialized castings. Karhula Foundry was founded in 2016 and currently we employ over 50 foundry and castings professionals.  Our foundry is located in Kotka from where we service our customers in Finland as well as abroad. Learn more about Karhula Foundry's service by visiting our offering-page. 

Ilkka Hakala is happy to give additional information concerning Karhula Foundry’s development and services. 
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