New certifications in the Russian market open new opportunities

Karhula Foundry recieced in February 2019 an approval from the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping to deliver casting components to sea vessels produced in Russia. This approval is valid for five years. The first substantial deliveries are now under production in Karhula, these being a series of 8000 kg and 1200 kg steel castings.

Karhula Foundry passed the Russian Atomenergomash quality division’s CDMBM quality system audit with exceptional marks 87/100 (minimum qualification is 66/100) in 16.-17.5.2019. Atomenergomash is a subsidiary to the governmental energy company Rosatom, which produces complete nuclear power plants globally. The casting components delivered by Karhula Foundry go to water cooling systems in nuclear power plants out side of Russia. Duplex- and superduplex-castings and super-austentitic steel castings are especially competitive in these applications.

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Press release: New nominations in Karhula Foundry

Karhulan Valimo Oy produces demanding special steel and iron castings in Karhula, Kotka. The company employs 73 people in production and 18 in office tasks. Turnover will exceed 10 million euros in 2017. Due to high order volumes the foundry will be employing 10 new employees during the end of 2017.

In order to strengthen its production organization and to increase its quality output the company has brought in part time Indewe Oy’s material technical expert MScT Jukka Kinnula as a metallurgist-quality engineer. Jukka has graduated Master of Sciences in Technology from University of Oulu and has worked as metallurgist and quality assurance engineer in a steel factory, shipyards and off-shore installation site globally as well as consulted steal foundries. His specialties are in welding metallurgy and welding quality assurance. Jukka began in his position 17.10.2017. he reports to CEO Pekka Kemppainen.

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Karhula Foundry’s development is dependent in people


Pekka Kemppainen, Ilkka Hakala are Jyrki Laitinen are filled with enthusiasm at the Suncontracting trade Fair in Tampere. Karhula Foundry is growing and with that they are recuting continuasly more personnel. At the trade fair the foundry’s owners are meeting new and old customers and other stakeholders. We have met many new interesting potential customers says Ilkka Hakala. Karhula Foundry has many tailored casting solutions which make it possible to produce very demanding sets. 

Regarding actions and challenges with recruitment, you can read in an Yle article.

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Recruitments in Karhula Foundry

Karhulan Valimo Oy produces demanding steel and iron castings. The company currently employs around 60 production workers and 15 office employees. During 2017 the foundry will exceed 10 million euros in turnover. Due to high order volumes the foundry is recruiting 10 - 20 new employees more. Karhula Foundry has already recruited 20 new employees during the spring. 

In order strengthen the organization the company has brought in licenced accountant Marjukka Soininen (54) for payroll and financial management. Machine- and production engineer Teemu Torvikoski has been hired as foundry engineer to take charge of production leadtime. They begin in their positions 4th of September 2017.

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More information about Karhula Foundry can be found here.

Kymeen Sanomat - Karhula Foundry employs again

Karhula Foundry’s growth has been acknowledged in Kymeen Sanomat -newspaper. This is an outstanding example, that business is developing into the right direction. Demand from new customers has created the need for these recruitmens. A wide variaty of different profiles are being recruited. You can read the whole article from the link below. You can also find a link to our open positions.  

Article of Karhula Foundry in Suomen Valimotekninen Yhdistys (SVY)

SVY has written an extensive article about Karhula Foundry’s histry and development. Please find the whole article in the link below.

Karhula Foundry has been a fore runner in technology also in the past. Demanding castings have always been produced at Karhula Foundry such as pulp and paper machine parts, water turbine hulls and wings, ship rudders, train track parts, large gear rims and naturally pump parts. One of the most demanding parts have been water circulation system parts for nuclear power plants, which have been delivered since 1966. Today Karhula Foundry wants to actively offer its customers in material technical development. When even better corrosion resistance to concentrated acids, better fire resistance in increased temperatures or just simply absolutely sealed castings, we are the right partner, says Pekka Kemppainen. The SuperCast -process developed and licenced by Meehanite, which will be installed to Karhula Foundry this year, will play its own part.

New recruitments at Karhula Foundry to strengthen growth

Sulzer’s pump factory’s foundry was transferred to Karhula Foundry in fall of 2016. Due to Karhula Foundry’s growth and new operations a need to create new responsibilities. We have in fact rehired engineer Heli Väänänen to take responsibility of quality-, environmental- and safety systems as well as to act as the occupational safety and health manager. Technician Kosti Hanski has been invited to support our model maintenance. Heli and Kosti have an extensive concrete background in these areas at Karhula Foundry.

Welding has an important role in finishing steel castings. In order to ensure our technical and coordinational competence in welding, we have attached Petteri Souru Oy to act as our welding coordinator. Souru’s company is the first Finnish engineer agency specialized in welding.

Karhulan Foundry continues to grow and we have opened new job announcements to various positions. We are looking for 10 - 20 new employees during the fall for different production jobs. Work motivation, enthusiasm , ability to learn and suitable diversified experience are the most important hiring criteria.

We are searching for a production engineer to take responsibility for production lead times and developing production efficiency and to function as a supervisor in production. We are also in a need for a quality engineer with a metallurgical education and experience in quality management procedures.

A positive vibe in the market and customer interest in Karhula Foundry’s offer make it possible to hire new people. We are very exited about these possibilities, because interest in the market seems to be increasing.


Karhula Foundry’s production continues on a growth path


Karhula Foundry’s operation continue to develop and as demonstration of this production capacity has grown significantly during the spring of 2017. When production volumes during Q3-Q4 2017 were approximately 400.000 - 500.000 €  per month, it has now doubled to over 800 000 € monthly level. A big contributor to this above all else has been the return of Sulzer’s castings from foundries where the castings were originally planned. Also a major factor to this growth is increase in our own production. New orders have covered a wide array of casting types and materials such as specialized steel castings. In Finland new customers have been attained from the transportation product-, energy- and process industry. We have also been able to open business in Russia.  

We have succeeded to grow our delivery volumes by enhancing productivity and also by rehiring 20 people to the foundry. These people are old employees of the foundry. This is an especially great feeling to be able to offer these people the possibility to return home to Karhula Foundry. At the same time we have initiated cooperation with subcontractors on specific functions. The rest of the year’s outlook is very promising concerning Sulzer and other new customers.  

Karhula Foundry is a Finnish special foundry producing demanding castings to its customers in international markets. Our strengths include steel castings, Meehanite-technology, different metal castings and various specialized castings. Karhula Foundry was founded in 2016 and currently we employ over 50 foundry and castings professionals.  Our foundry is located in Kotka from where we service our customers in Finland as well as abroad. Learn more about Karhula Foundry's service by visiting our offering-page. 

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Rolls-Royce and Karhula Foundry into cooperation

Thursday 8.12.2016 was an important day for Karhula Foundry. Rolls-Royce placed the company's first external order for waterjet parts. This was a good opening of a major global manufacturer, says Karhula Foundry's marketing director Ilkka Hakala. When larger players like Rolls-Royce notice us, we feel we are doing the right things. This accumulates many months of hard work by many people. We get an old good customer back and get manufacturing back to Finland. Karhula Foundry has been active in its new operations from the summer of 2016.

Read more about Karhula Foundry's offering here. 

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Karhula Foundry at the Subcontracting Trade Fair

Three days at the Subcontracting Traid Fair 2016 is now over and we want to thank everyone we met there. For us the whole expo was a great success and we have many new contacts to work with. We also would like to thank the city of Kotka for having us at your stand. We at Karhula Foundry are continuously developing innovative ways to conduct demanding castings and we have many new ideas for the future. 


Karhula Foundry_Ilkka Hakala_Pekka Kemppainen_Alihankinta 2016

Karhula Foundry in Yle's news

Yle has done an article about Karhula Foundry. The article in short: 

  • Karhula Foundry will continue casting operations in Kotka purchased from Sulzer

  • Pekka Kemppainen the foundry’s CEO informs that the the company will set a target to triple their turnover within three years

  • New employees will most likely be hired before the end of the year

  • The company is looking for new customers in different industry sectors

    Please read the whole Yle article here. Article only in Finnish.

Karhula Foundry changes ownership

Acquisition of Sulzer Pumps Finland Oy’s Karhula foundry has been confirmed. The deal includes interity of Karhula foundry’s operations, premises, machines and personnel. The new owner is Karhula Foundry Oy comprised of foundry- and machine industry experts Pekka Kemppainen, Ilkka Hakala ja Jyrki Laitinen. Ownweship of the new foundry will transfer Septmber 19th 2016. 

All active employee relationships at the time of the closure will transfer to Karhula Valimo Oy. Karhula Foundry will employ a portion of the current foundry staff, around 50 employees. Around 20 people have been employed at the foundry due to internal transfers from Sulzer.   
Sulzer announced in December 2015 that it will close its foundry in Karhula and terminate all employee contracts by the end of Q2 in 2016. The company is very satisfied with the acquisition, which enables the continuation of foundry operations in Karhula. Sulzer will source casting services both from the new Karhula Foundry as well as from its global subcontracting network.
In Finland Sulzer has operations in six locations. In Karhula Sulzer operates a pump factory, product development, sales, support functions and a maintenance center. In Helsinki Sulzer has sales office and in Espoo a product development center for waste water management devices. In Rauma the company operates a production and maintenance unit for mechanical gaskets. Sulzer has maintenance center also in Mäntä and Oulu. Sulzer will employ around 440 people after the sale of Karhula foundry.

Sulzer was founded in 1834 and the company’s headquarters are located in Winterthur Switzerland. Sulzer’s main expertise are pump solutions, maintenance and upkeep of rotating devices as well as separation, mixing and application technology. The company designs, develops and delivers pump solutions and equipment in a global scale. Strong investments in hydrodynamic, process equipment and special material as well as in developing dependable maintenance services forms Sulzer into a leading partner in its main markets, which are in oil- and gas industries, power production and water treatment, including paper and pulp industries.  Sulzer’s customers benefit from a network of over 180 production and service sites in about 50 countries around the world. Sulzer ensures that all the locations fulfill its high quality and safety standards. The company is constantly investing in state-of-the-art machine tools, packaging, and test facilities. Sulzer’s global manufacturing and service network combines the advantages of a global company with the flexibility of a local partner. In 2015 Sulzer’s turnover was approximately 3 billion Swiss Francs and the company employed around 14 000 people.

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