Karhula Foundry




Our mission

Our focus is on demanding middle to large size special castings for global casting markets. Our key principal is to offer demanding customers even more competitive product- and service solutions based on new technologies and operational methods. 

Our mission is to develop our casting processes to be at the absolute top of the foundry business by commitment to continuous development in new technologies and solutions for the profitability for both our customers and our company.



The foundry in Karhula was founded by William Ruth in 1880’s and it was a part of Ruth owned Karhula Factories. 

Karhula Factories was sold to Ahlstrom Corporation in 1915 and in 2000 Sulzer Pumps Finland became the new owner of the pump factory and foundry.

In 2016 a new company founded by three Finnish foundry and machining shop specialists bought the foundry and the name of the is Karhula Foundry Oy.

karhula foundry
karhula foundry